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You’d never fall for such an obvious scam.

You’d Never Fall for Such an Obvious Scam

Of course, you wouldn’t. You may be gullible but you’re not that gullible. You weren’t born yesterday.

What am I talking about? Ads like this:

“Genuine University Degrees in 4-6 weeks.

No study required.

100% verifiable”

I mean, do me a favour please.

But the sad thing is that someone out there is going to be daft enough to fall for it, otherwise the organisation (who are careful not to identify themselves) wouldn’t place the ad in the first place.

Most people won’t fall for it of course and that includes you doesn’t it? But let’s have a really good look at what’s going on here.

First of all, what sort of person would you have to be to take an ad like this seriously. You’d have to be the sort of person who’s lazy enough to want to obtain a degree with so little effort…which is why a person like you would never fall for it. You’d also have to be the sort of person who believes that a degree certificate obtained so easily will be taken as seriously by employers as a degree that involved 3 years solid study. And that’s not going to happen is it? Which is the second reason why a person like you would not be taken in by such an ad. You see it for the fraudulent offer it is.

In order to be believable, something else has to be true which obviously isn’t!

Applying that reasoning, you’d have no difficulty seeing through this one as well:

“Launch of a new apprenticeship

Lasting 14 days.

£2,500 per learner.(for 14 days? What a rip off!)

Internationally recognised qualifications (yeh right!)!

Things that look too good to be true  alert us to the likelihood that they are too good to be true and that makes us wary. But what if something appears too bad to be true. We’re a lot less likely to be sceptical about something that sounds really bad. I mean, something bad doesn’t sound like an attempt to get you to buy into something that you shouldn’t be daft enough to fall for does it?

So, what about this one:

“The careers of young people have been blighted.

The futures of an entire generation are in jeopardy.”

Time to remind ourselves that: In order for that to be believable, something else has to be true which obviously isn’t!




So, what is it that’s not true that we’re being encouraged to believe? There are three.

  1. That your entire career depends on your exam grades. No-one without exam certificates ever makes it do they? You’re never going to recover from a system where no exams are available.
  2. No matter how talented you are, no matter how valuable an employee you could be, no employer is ever going to want you without good exam grades are they?
  3. If exam grades are unavailable to employers, they won’t even look for alternative ways to identify your talent.

It shouldn’t take more than a moment’s thought to realise that all three of those statements is absolute garbage. So, don’t fall for it, okay?

There’s nothing like stress to take all the fun out of life. So why add to the problems you already face when it’s completely unnecessary?

From “The coach who rocks,” best wishes until next week.