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You Couldn’t Make This Up

You Couldn’t Make This Up

Some scams are so obvious you’d think no-one would ever fall for them. Take this example:

Genuine University Degrees in 4-6 weeks.

No study required.

100% Verifiable.

No, I didn’t make that up. It’s  real advert. Or how about the advert for a Brewing Apprenticeship, lasting just two weeks at a cost of £2,500? What! Two and a half grand for a two week course. This advert turned out to be illegal under the 2016 Enterprise Act. But presumably, someone, somewhere was daft enough to pay it. There’s always someone, somewhere who’s willing to pay for a meaningless qualification that’s recognised by nobody because it requires no effort to acquire it.

Anyone with half a brain would immediately recognise examples like this for what they are: a complete rip off!

So what are we to make of career guidance in schools which do not specify how many sessions a student should have with the career advisor, which do not specify that any follow-up sessions and for which negligible government funding is available. The advert (if there was one) might read:

Your career sorted.

One 5-minute session.

Free of charge.

Maybe your school is different. Some are; but this could be the sum total of career guidance provided by the school that your son/daughter attends.

Maybe you’d better find out