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Who Knows? Lucy Does

Who Knows? Lucy Does.

You may be thinking, as you read my blogs, that  career concerns are the least of your worries. If you’re in your G.C.S.E. year and planning to progress to the 6th form, you probably don’t feel any need to worry about your career for a year or two yet. If you’re planning to sit ”A” Levels next summer and planning to go to university for 3 years, you may be thinking that what really matters right now, is focusing on getting the best possible exam grades next year, or surviving the fall out if there aren’t any exams next year.

No-one seems certain what is going to happen with next year’s exams. Are they going to be delayed? Are they going to happen at all? Are they going to be replaced by teacher assessment? What is your best strategy, given so many unknowns? You don’t know, do you? No, and neither do I.

But I know someone who does. When I bang on so much about the importance of building and nurturing a network of contacts, you wouldn’t be very impressed if you discovered that I didn’t have a network of contacts myself. The good news is that I can put you in touch with a contact of mine who can give you more tips about revising for exams than anyone else I’ve come across, and who will be able to coach you in how to navigate the possibility that there might not even be any exams next year.

The strategies she shares are the very strategies that enabled her to get into Cambridge, the strategies that enabled her to leave Cambridge with an honours degree…and Lucy Parsons did not come from some expensive private school either. She describes the school she went to as “a rather unambitious comprehensive.” Neither are the strategies she developed ideas she picked up from someone else.  Lucy is an innovator. The reason she developed them was precisely because they were strategies she had never been taught  at school and, as far as she could find out, hardly anyone else from any other school had either!

I can’t promise that Lucy is the only person in the country who shares what she shares. What I can promise is two things. Firstly, I’ve never come across anyone else who does. Secondly, I take great care to recommend other people to my followers only if I’ve checked them out pretty thoroughly first. It does my reputation no good at all to introduce my followers to second rate people. I’m not going to risk setting up my own followers for disappointment. By the way, Lucy also believes, as I do, that her programs work best when there is a three-way partnership between student, parent


If you think Lucy might be able to help, you can find her by Googling “Lucy Parsons” and clicking on

Just in case you’re one of those cynics who thinks that Lucy has offered me some kind of back-hander for every client I put her way, she hasn’t. We have never even discussed it. Even if she made such an offer, I wouldn’t take her up on it. Yes, I know it’s common practice between business people, but I  don’t do things based on what’s common practice and my referrals lose their value as soon as people think I’m doing it because there’s “something in it for me.”