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What am I Able to Do?

What Am I Able to Do?

The worst thing about being in a mess is feeling that there’s nothing you can possibly do to get out of it; that it’s going to go on for ever, that you’re DOOMED.

Okay. Understandable if you feel there’s no future for you; but allowing yourself to feel that way is not going to get you anywhere is it?

“Nothing is ever so bad that you can’t make it even worse by getting all upset about it!”

In a fairly recent blog, (How do you deal with a crisis you can’t get away from) I made the point that things never stay bad for ever. Things are always going to get better eventually. They always do. I didn’t know when I wrote those words just how close we were to having a vaccine. I’m not some sort of prophet, but I feel I’ve just been proved right.

Things are not going to pick up overnight of course. The long-term effects of corona virus are going to be felt for a long time after we all get immunised. There’s going to be mass unemployment and everyone in your generation is going to find it very difficult to find a job, an apprenticeship: whatever it is you’re hoping to get.

But there are things you are able to do and the things you’re able to do are the things you must concentrate on doing. What is more, all these are things no-one can stop you doing. Let’s just sit down together and look at what these things are.

  • Make yourself aware of which sections of the economy are thriving in spite of corona, and which sectors are in meltdown.
  • Watch the news, check on-line job sites such as Monster.
  • Doing this will create awareness of where opportunities may present themselves as well as alerting you to the sectors you need to avoid.
  • As the vaccine is rolled out, try to anticipate which sectors are likely to recover first.
  • Keep an eye on which organisations in your locality are adapting fastest, applying novel and successful ways of trading.
  • Which ones look as if they might be the sort of organisations you would love to work for and where you feel you would really fit in.
  • Drop them a line. Let them know you’ve noticed. Let them know what impresses you about them. Ask if they’re open to a zoom call with you.

But what if they say “no?” What if they don’t even reply? Listen. Some are going to say “no.” Some won’t have the courtesy even to reply to you. Most of your inquiries are not going to lead anywhere. But what if one of them does? What if just one leads to meeting someone who just loves your approach? What if that someone asks you if you’d like to stay in touch? What if, when the economy starts to improve, that someone phones to tell you that they are finally able to expand and that there’s a job waiting for you if you want it and it’s not going to be advertised? It’s being offered to you and you alone because, while everyone else was sitting around wringing their hands, giving up hope of ever landing a job, you were focused on the things you were able to do. You soldiered on in spite of all the rejections you faced.

Hopefully, you will make more than one promising contact, but just one could be all you need to get your career off the mark.

As soon as the economy begins to pick up, guess what is going to impress employers more than anything else about people like you. It won’t be your exam grades. It will be what you did to help yourself when things were at there toughest. It will be the character you showed, the stories you’re able to share with an interviewer that demonstrate that strength of character.  That’s what will count more than anything else. The approach you take now is what will prove to have been the right approach in the end. It may not produce results next week, next month or even in the next 12 months but it’s an approach that will enable you to stand out from crowd because it’s not an approach the crowd are going to take. The crowd never does.

Let me know how you get on. Share with me the things that haven’t led to anything useful. Share every breakthrough with me as well. I’d like to be among the first to congratulate and encourage you.