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Unfair Assessment

Unfair Assessments

No-one seems able to agree what will be the fairest way to assess you this summer. As the person most affected by whatever system is put in place, you of course, will be last person whose opinion will be sought!

The world is like that I’m afraid; other people trying to sort out your problems without ever asking you what you think! Then telling you why everything’s going to be just fine when it isn’t!

Politicians, employers will turn out to be much the same throughout your life so you may as well get used to it!

But be careful not to misunderstand what I just said. I am not suggesting that there’s nothing you can do to help yourself: that you just sit back and take whatever life throws at you. Not at all.

No matter what is happening to the economy, there will be employers out there who need talented people in their teams. There will be employers out there who need people whose initiative and integrity they can rely on. Notice that initiative and integrity are not credentials that can be measured by any exam or algorithm. Even talent may not be something they measure purely in terms of academic success.

To come through this mess with flying colours you need to concentrate on the following:

  • Develop your talent. This will include academic achievements.
  • Develop the sort of character that makes you the kind of person that others can rely on. This is most important!
  • Think of stories you can tell at an interview which illustrate these qualities. Don’t put this off because it could be a long time before you need to put it into practice! The more practice you devote, the better the story is going to sound. Stories always impress far more than data. Stories more than data are what convince employers that you know what you’re talking about because what you’re talking about is based on experience.
  • Look for opportunities to make contact with potential employers. If you want some tips on how to do this, revisit blogs entitled: “Is this just a cop-out?” “The reason you’re bewildered” “Your career prospects? What on earth is happening?” “Future career in jeopardy? No, it’s not.” “Finding innovative employers,” and “What am I able to do?”

And never forget that if this is worth a chat, I’m only a phone call away, a call that isn’t going to cost you anything. Here’s my number: 07795-288490.

From the Coach Who Rocks: Barry Jackson.