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Terms and Conditions

General Principles

The terms outlined below assume that you, my client, and I are honourable people who are intending to work together in good faith. It is further assumed that if either of us felt that this were not the case, we would not have agreed to work together in the first place. My terms and conditions are intended to reflect and capture that spirit. These terms are intended to avoid any misunderstanding and to give clients an opportunity to raise, in advance, any personal circumstances that might need to be agreed in advance. These terms cannot cover every eventuality and a client’s circumstances can change. I will, to the best of my ability, try to accommodate all reasonable requests. To this end, I welcome discussion with clients on the understanding that these are recorded in writing if they involve a change to our original agreement.

In the interests of child protection, as well as the protection of my professional reputation and that of my professional contacts (clients, schools, etc); I will not accept contact with minors (defined as under 18 years of age) unless the initial approach to me has been made by a teacher, parent or legal guardian, and my contact with that minor is being made with the knowledge and consent of such responsible adult.

Delivery of Live Courses

I undertake to deliver all courses at the agreed time, venue and over the agreed time scale. The contents of any materials provided for my courses remain the personal property of Barry Jackson, Business Owner, ASPIRE ACADEMY and are protected by copyright. Such materials may be included in the cost of a course or may be chargeable as separate items. This will be explained in detail and form part of our agreement before a course commences. Change of venue will not occur without good cause e.g. flooding of premises, and I undertake to notify clients within 24 hours of my becoming aware of such necessity.

Cancellation by Myself

I reserve the right to cancel an agreed training course in the case of any circumstances beyond my control and which could not reasonably have been foreseen. In such instances, you, the client, may request a full refund (in the case of payment having been made in advance) or an alternative re-scheduling of training at a mutually agreed date. I further reserve the right to modify the contents of a training course at my discretion. Examples of this being necessary might include the following:

  • Introducing up-dated, improved material
  • The addition or removal of material in response to the changing needs of a group.

Such changes will not be made without the agreement of any client(s) so affected. Neither will any modifications affect the cost of the course unless agreed in writing with such clients(s)

Live Workshops


For private clients, payment is due 7 days in advance, unless otherwise agreed. For private clients, booking my services for more than 3 modules or over an extended period (more than one month), the client may pay in blocks of 3 modules. Payment is due 7 days before  the commencement of each block of 3 modules. For corporate clients, including non-profit organizations, payment is due within 14 days of the completion of training unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Cancellation by Client

Any client who cancels at least 7 days in advance of training will be entitled to 100% refund. Payment in full remains due for cancellations less than 7 days in advance. Nevertheless, I am sympathetic to clients who feel that this has not been possible, due to circumstances beyond their control and which could not reasonably have been foreseen. I will not unreasonably refuse such requests but the final decision remains solely at my discretion. Below are examples of circumstances where the waiving of payment might be considered reasonable/unreasonable.

Personal or family illness during the 7 days leading up to training, car break down on the way to training, motorway grid lock preventing attendance, will be treated sympathetically. Last minute cancellation for attending a funeral would not be accepted as reasonable notice as the date of a funeral is normally posted a week in advance.

Taking advantage of a last minute flight abroad, in order to benefit from a discount holiday, might be an unforeseen opportunity, but would not be seen as being outside a client’s control. In such circumstances, the client would be expected to bear the cost of the agreed training course.

Club Membership

(Details to be announced)

Membership of private Aspire Academy Clubs will be by application and will normally involve a personal telephone with me. Where Family Membership is applied for, a discussion with parents and their son or daughter is a requirement of being considered. Membership numbers are restricted in order to maintain the highest standards of service to each member. Applications will not normally be refused but cannt be guaranteed. If Club membership is “full,” applicants may be out on a waiting list.


Payment will not be required until membership has been accepted by me in writing (email). Membership becomes active as soon as payment has been received (PayPal/Credit card) and may be terminated on request at any time.

The Qualified Client

In order to ensure that training meets the high standards my clients expect, I will not undertake training unless I am satisfied on each of the following points:

  • The client agrees what outcomes are expected, the way in which they’re going to be monitored and the time scale over which they will be monitored
  • The client is willing to accept on-going mentoring (where appropriate) allowing me to take full responsibility for a successful outcome, ( an additional charge will be levied only if the client has agreed to this in advance of training)
  • Where live, interactive group coaching is recommended, a personality profile will normally be performed with each student for which a small, nominal charge may be levied.
  • Clients will never be refused training based on their personality profile.
  • I am not a qualified counsellor/therapist. A client may be refused if, in my opinion, he/she suffers from a condition which I am not qualified to handle. Such clients may be recommended to seek specialist advice.
  • A student may be refused training if, in my opinion, he/she would be a disruptive influence on other students.
  • In the event that a student’s behaviour proves disruptive during training, I reserve the right to exclude that student from further training. In this event, any entitlement to a refund will be forfeited .
  • For these reasons, I will normally accept as clients, those individuals with whom an in depth discussion has taken place, ensuring that both parties have agreed what is expected of each other.

NOTE: The term student, above, refers to any non-paying course attendee. In such cases, the paying client may be a parent (paying for a son/daughter), a school (paying for pupil coaching), an employer paying for staff training etc…

I do not accept any responsibility for the quality or value of the guidance provided by independent consultants.

By accepting training, all parties agree to be bound by these terms. This includes those parties paying for the training of third parties. e.g. Schools paying for students, parents paying for children, corporations paying for staff.