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Comments from students

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In November 2011, I was honoured enough to receive a signed copy of your book, "Heretical Leadership - How to avoid square wheel management," when you came to award our certificates at our GCSE certificate evening. After reading the book, in not so many days, I became enthralled, I felt I had write to you to express how truly brilliant I thought it was, my friends would enquire as to what I was reading and my response was simply; "I can't explain this book to you, it's something you have to experience for yourself!"

I could feel your enthusiasm that I remember so vividly from the leadership course you ran at my previous secondary school, St Gregory's Catholic College and I've really reflected over your stories and insight into the reality of leadership, so I must thank you for that! I spent my final year at St Greg's as Head Girl and I only wish I'd had your book as a reference point during that time, however, I've just taken on the role of a prefect at King Edward's so I'm sure I can utilise some of what I have learnt.

As a student who recognises the great importance for good leadership, which ultimately stems from strong teamwork, I would be thrilled if there were ever any opportunities available for me to spread your knowledge and broaden my own, perhaps in schools or conferences in the future? I would be very grateful for that opportunity, as I move into my final school years before hopefully making that transition to University.

I'm sure that your expertise will be useful to me, my friends and perhaps even future employees as I move into a slightly daunted, but definitely exciting future.

Sarah Murray Year 12 AS Student, King Edward's School, Bath

I loved the way Barry used anecdotes and humour but still managed to get a serious message across.

Charlotte Atkins Student at St.Brendan’s 6th Form College, Bristol

I felt I could have talked to Barry all day.

Year 11 student Churchdown School (Mock interview feedback)

Barry offered some incredible opportunities to establish connections in industry and with employers, ready for when we leave university.

George Erskine and Sarah Cheeseman Head Boy/Head Girl, Nailsea School, Bristol