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Schools and Businesses

Employers - how suitable is careers guidance in schools?

Feedback from schools

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Every household should have copies of your programs.

Vanessa Aris, M.B.E. Former Head of Careers, Dean Close School, Cheltenham

Thanks for delivering such a great presentation to our students.

Val Benton CIEAG , Commonweal School, Swindon

Our students have described you as a legend.

Jane Tozer Prince Henry’s School, Evesham

We now have 15 confirmed offers for Oxbridge, our highest ever.

Terry Law King Edward 6th Grammar School, Birmingham

One of our year elevens, H, asked me to pass on her thanks for the training. She wanted you to know how much she enjoyed it and how helpful she felt it was going to be when going for interviews and applying for colleges. It’s good to see that our students are already working out how to use these new skills. That’s great.

Annette Watts Careers, Nailsea School

An absolute pleasure working with you. The course we developed together is absolutely superb.

Stuart Langworthy Millbrook Academy

My colleagues have told me that your talk was the best we’ve ever had on any subject.

Kevin Clancy Balcarras School Cheltenham

Our students said you were the highlight of their day.

John Lewis St.Edward’s School, Cheltenham

I now have someone I can refer to in future.

Matthew Mamana Brighton University Student

Your videos are very professional and full of good advice.

Tom Hill Head of 6th Form, Bradley Stoke Community School, Bristol

I am showing some of your videos to my students, especially the ones dealing with things like C.V. writing.

Nikara Lucas Work Related Learning, Saltley Academy, Birmingham

Comments from business people

Mr.Barry Jackson is the Director of Aspire Academy, and he provides advice on career interview strategies to secondary school students. I met Barry to discuss the prospect of creating some videos to go with the launch of his new website.

I sat there (6 feet away on a bench in Churchdown) listening to him share with me the story of how his business came to be.

I was talking to a man who left a three decade career in corporate pharmaceuticals, knowing full well that it would affect his retirement plans, so that he could dedicate himself to preparing young people to take on the brutality of the modern job market. What would compel such a change? 

He was moved by the story of a girl who served him  at the tills at the supermarket. She had dedicated years of her life and thousands of pounds into achieving a 2:1 degree; only to find out that a minimum wage job was the best she could get for herself.

This was the kind of man I was dealing with. He was a man motivated by a sincere drive  to achieve real good. He told me his story, business strategies and the principles behind what he teaches. I was gripped by how he spoke.

He was a natural story-teller with a clear abundance of passion for his work. 

I knew, there and then, that I’d be striving to translate the experience of listening to him, on that bench, into film. The three videos are the result of my efforts. Here, you’ll be able to see Barry run through some lessons in interview strategy, preparation and the story behind “Aspire.”


Your C.D.s have loads of useful information which I have used in presentations to school leavers.

Jonquil Brooks South West Apprenticeship Company

Your book is fabulous.

Peter Thomson Business Owner, The Achievers’ Edge

I must say how hugely impressed I am with the content you delivered for the ABC success program.

Hannah Kennedy-Jackson Professional Inspirational Speaker

I feel very blessed to have you in my life. I love working with people who are passionate about what they do and feel on a mission to make a difference. The world needs more people like you.

Terry Malloy Business Owner