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Your Rights

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you. Your data will always be treated in the strictest confidence. Your willingness to share your contact details with us will never, under any circumstances be taken as implied permission to share those details with anyone else without your permission.

Occasionally, we may feel that other professionals outside Aspire Academy may be better qualified to help you than we are and that we can best serve you by introducing you to such outside professionals. In such cases, the following procedure will be followed:

  • You will be told why we feel that this is the best way to help you move forward and why.
  • You will be told who we feel is better qualified to help you than we are.
  • Your permission will be sought to introduce you to one another.
  • Only when your permission has been received in a form that can be filed/stored* will an introduction be made.

*Such records need to be kept in case we are ever challenged to produce evidence that we have followed this procedure.

Removing Your Subscription

When you subscribe to any Aspire Academy program, we set no minimum duration to that subscription. You are free to terminate your subscription at any time.

If the subscription is automated e.g. Mailchimp, there will be an “unsubscribe” option for you to use. In the case of subscribing to a private Membership group, you may (by phone, text or email) terminate your membership at any time and you will receive an email confirming that this has been done and that all further membership fees will cease with immediate effect.