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Positive Aspects of Discrimination

Positive Aspects of Discrimination

For those of you who thought you heard me say that I’m in favour of prejudice, you heard wrong. I didn’t and I’m not.

So, what am I saying and what’s the relevance to job applications?

Let’s take a simple everyday example that’s easy for everyone to understand.

Imagine that you’re shopping around for a new mobile phone. Each shop presents you with a wide range of options to choose from. There are inexpensive ones and models that cost several hundred pounds. There are models with very basic functions and not much else. There are models with more functions than you know what to do with. You’d be very disappointed if it were not so, wouldn’t you? Choice is not worth having if there’s only one option in the first place! But choice forces you to discriminate between the model that’s just what you’re looking for and the other models that don’t match your requirements or cost more than you can afford to spend. And we mustn’t forget that your ideal phone will not be everyone else’s choice. If everyone’s requirements were the same, if everyone bought the same model, there wouldn’t be a choice on offer.

Now think of an employer, interviewing job candidates. His situation is no different. Faced with several candidates to choose from, that choice forces him to discriminate between the one who’s the closest match for his requirements, the one who’s going to be offered the job: and the others. That candidate may have better qualifications, more experience, the most positive attitude. Something about that candidate will be just enough to give him/her the edge over the others. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the candidate’s gender, skin colour, political or religious affiliations or anything else that smacks of prejudice.

But it’s important that you get real about this. When you apply for a job, when you attend a job interview, you have to give plenty of thought as to how you’re going to come across in a way that  enhances the chances that the interviewer is going to discriminate in your favour.

Now then, having read this, go away, and ask yourself the following question, “Is this guy making sense? Is he making more sense that other career advisors I’ve listened to?” Because if the answer is no,” I’m not your best option am I? Practice a bit of discrimination. It’s your right to do just that!

From the Coach Who Rocks.

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