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I wonder if you realise

I’m sure you realise

There was a reason you came here wasn’t there? I wonder what it was. I hope it was more than idle curiosity. I’m not here to satisfy idle curiosity.

I’m about to describe the kind of people I love partnering with. They are also the kind of people I’m likely to appeal to. I’m not for everyone, so if what follows does not describe you, look elsewhere. You’re going to find other people who appeal to you far more than I do.


You have a very positive outlook on life. You’re a bit of an idealist. You are devoted to your children. You want the very best for them. Their future is of paramount importance to you. You are a great encourager where your children are concerned. You believe that success is earned, never handed on a plate; that success is the result of planning ahead. 

You will not accept second best. You recognise value when you see it. Experience has taught you that, while the most expensive option is not always the best, the cheapest is nearly always the worst. You like a genuine bargain, but cheap deals make you suspicious.

Your Tribe

You define your tribe by attitude rather than social standing. You are equally comfortable with people of any social standing who share your values. 

Your Story

Your success has not always come easily. You have made it in spite of numerous challenges. You would go so far as to say that your most important challenges have been the making of you, and you pass on this philosophy to your children.

Who Are You Comfortable Doing Business With?

People who offer quality; people who convince you that they have your best interest at heart. Only then will you consider parting with money to engage their services. You don’t trust easily but, when you do, you trust very deeply because, in your eyes, that trust was|earned. That is why, to the people you trust, you are extremely loyal.|You expect them to understand that this is not going to happen overnight. For this very reason, I invite you to follow my posts for a while before paying me anything. The reason I create so much free stuff is to allow you to make up your mind about me without being pressured to buy anything. For me, the ideal outcome is not that I end up selling you something, but that you end up trusting me enough to ask me for more than just the free stuff. It’s also an approach that helps me to identify the small, select number of people I’m just dying to help as much as I can.

Your Concerns

You’re aware that your children are facing big challenges as they approach the time to consider their careers. You will help them in any way you can, but you’re aware that the world of work is changing more rapidly than your understanding of the work place. You don’t like the thought that your own lack of understanding might limit the help you’re so keen to give. You would welcome any source of information that enhances your understanding of what’s going on and which enables you to enhance the career prospects of the youngster you’re so proud of, especially at a time as challenging as this. IF THIS DESCRIBES YOU…..Then yours really is the sort of family I so much want to help. You see, I’m an idealist too.

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