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Daft Aren’t I?

Daft Aren’t I?

There are times when I’m taken aback by my own stupidity.

I had developed and validated a number of programs designed to help young people understand how to develop strategies of their own that would maximise their chances of getting their careers off to a flying start.

I was excited. I was excited at the idea of how many young people I was going to be able to help. I expected a constant flow of requests for help; and it isn’t happening. I found this extremely frustrating…and that was the stupid thing.

Why was it stupid? It was stupid because I wanted to offer a high-class service. I believe in offering a service that would make you feel recognised as a person who has class, a person who would not settle for anything less. But it’s not possible to offer that level of excellence by reaching out to the masses.

The masses don’t buy Aston Martins. Cars that have class are extremely desirable. What people enjoy about owning one is being one of the few who do own one. It’s like belonging to an exclusive club. People don’t join clubs of Ford Focus or Vauxhall Corsa owners. Driving around in an Aston Martin is not about showing off. If you’re doing it to prove to the world that you can afford an Aston Martin, you’re not a person of class. Class does not scream for attention. Class is quiet, understated exclusivity.

That is what I want everyone to feel who works with me. I want you to feel that you’re one of the few, not one of thousands. So why should it bother me when I’m not attracting followers in droves? It doesn’t, not now that my brain is in gear; but it did…and that what was daft!

My aim is to provide a service that’s second to none; a service that’s bespoke to your individual needs. My aim is also to introduce you to a community that’s supportive, innovative and encouraging; a community where we have high expectations of one another.

That is my commitment to you.

But here’s the thing: I can live up to that commitment only if you tell me what you think that should look like. Your input is vital, so email me your suggestions: You will be taken seriously. You’re a person of class after all.