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‘Avin’ Some of That.

‘Avin’ Some of That.

I just got back from the supermarket. The trip was a success because there wasn’t anything on my list that I failed to get.

It was also a success because I didn’t pile into my trolley a load of stuff that wasn’t on my list. The supermarket offered thousands of options that I was never going to buy, not today anyway. Lots of their products are stuff I don’t ever buy. That’s not because there’s anything wrong with the stuff I never buy. But they don’t stock it for me. They stock such items for people who do want to buy them.

My trip was a success for a third reason. You see, I did put into my trolley one or two things that were not on my list. Not many; but there were one or two items that caught my eye and made me think , “That looks nice. I’m ‘avin’  some of that.” You’ve done that yourself haven’t you? So, why were they not on my list then? Because I didn’t know they were available.

I want you to approach blogs about careers in the same way, including mine. Sometimes, they will cover subjects that were on your list of things you wanted to find out. Sometimes, they will be more useful to someone else than they are to you; and every now and then they will make you think to yourself, “Now that’s really helpful. I’m ‘avin’ some of that,” because it made you realise that it was something you really needed to know. The trouble was, no-one ever told you that you needed to know it. Sometimes, that’s the most important service a coach can provide: introducing you to something you never knew you needed to know.

For now, God bless and don’t forget, I’m never further away than a phone call. Here’s my number: 07795-288490.