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“The Coach who rocks.”

That is not a strap-line I would ever have come up with myself. It’s how students have described me… and I have to say, I like it.

Thanks for visiting my website. I’m delighted to welcome you. I wonder why you’re here. Maybe you heard somewhere that:

“Career advice in schools is not fit for purpose. This should not be up for debate: we know the stats and the evidence and the experts are lining up to reinforce this.” Parent Governor, Times Education Supplement.

It’s not your fault if you don’t know about government policies that jeopardise the ability of schools to deliver the high-quality careers guidance that you’re entitled to.

Not your fault, but it is something you need to know.

Aspire Academy programs have been developed to provide you with peace of mind; peace of mind that comes from confidence in the skills and strategies that Aspire programs will help you develop.

Don’t go yet. There’s something else I just showed you, only you probably didn’t realise it. Before watching the dice demo, you’d probably have struggled to explain what a strategy is. I bet you’d find it dead easy to explain now, couldn’t you? And that’s my aim with everything I share: to make it so simple that you “get it” straight away. Once you get something, once you understand the principle, your chances of being able to apply it to your own situation are pretty high.

Good exam grades are great, but here’s the problem, even if you achieve an A*, you don’t stand out from the crowd. But standing out from the crowd is exactly what you have to do when you apply for your first job. Why? Because there’s only one vacancy available and the employer has lots of candidates to choose from. Standing out from the crowd is not something that the education system is designed to teach you.

So, where do you find that guidance?

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Now it might strike you that Aspire Academy programs can’t be any good because if they were, everyone would be doing it like this. But, would you be convinced that a program can help you stand out from the crowd if there’s nothing about the program that stands out?

My first goal is to offer support so unlike anything else you’re likely to find, that Aspire programs have no direct competitors. All you have to decide is whether it’s an approach that you’re confident would work for you. My second goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to make that decision, and I’m okay with you saying “no.” People do. My programs are not for everyone.