Student Testimonials

A lot of young people have this idea that getting into the job market is all a bit of a nightmare and just plain scary. I’m not going to pretend it’s easy. I’m doing you no favours if I do. Okay it’s tough out there; but when you don’t really understand how the job market works, you’re making it a whole lot tougher than it needs to be.

The Aspire Academy Program is an on-line, home learnng course. It’s delivered in the form of a series of 10-15 minute videos. Each video takes the form of either tip from Aspire Aacademy’s Founder/Director or, in most cases, an interview with a “guest expert” such as a young apprentice, college tutor, recruitment consultant or corporate executive.

Below is a selection of comments made by young people about Barry’s style.

This talk wasn’t just someone telling us to do something. Barry showed the effectiveness and reasoning behind the way he treats people…and from his own personal experience.”

- Frederick Pearce, St. Brendan's 6th Form College, Bristol

“I loved the way Barry used anecdotes and humour but still managed to get a serious message across.”

- Charlotte Atkins, St. Brendan's 6th Form College, Bristol

“The seminar was eye-opening and so useful to my future. I am very grateful to Barry for the information he shared with us.”

- Ollie Fudge, Nailsea School, Bristol

“After reading your book, (Heretical Leadership), I became enthralled. I had to write to you to express how brilliant I thought it was. I’ve really reflected over your stories and insight into the reality of leadership. I only wish I’d had your book as reference  during my time as Head Girl. I’m sure your expertise will be useful to me, my friends and perhaps even future employees."

- Sarah Murray, Head Girl, St. Gregory's Catholic College, Bath

“I felt I could have talked with Barry for hours.”

- Year 10 Student, Churchdown School, Gloucestershire

“Before my sessions with Barry, I always felt uncontrollably nervous at the thought of public speaking. Our team had already won the U.K. final but I knew I would need some help as the global final, in Kuala Lumpur, was on a much larger scale. Barry showed me how to project my natural personality, how to be more fluid and less robotic. My team mates had not seen me present since the U.K. final and they could not believe the difference.”

- Matt Mammana, Lightwater, Surrey