Barry Jackson

Described by students as “A legend” and “The coach who rocks,” Barry will deliver a serious message to your students in a way that is both engaging and, at times a little quirky.

Barry’s presentations/workshops can focus on employability, challenging students with insights that most of them will not have come across before and putting your school at the forefront of career preparation.

If you prefer, he can deliver inspirational talks which address lack of motivation and lack of self-belief, or resilience in the face of adversity.


Depending on your budget, Barry can give short punchy talks or deliver 2 day interactive workshops. Whichever type of session you opt for, you will find that Barry’s sessions are based on sound research of the job market. While putting his programs together, Barry has sought the guidance of large international corporates including Rolls-Royce, Land Rover/Jaguar and Barclays Bank as well as companies employing 10 to 50 employees. Barry has acted as an F.S.B. delegate consulting with the Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

He has “mock interviewed” over 3,000 students from every type of school. His dynamic but patient style has enabled Barry to engage equally with students from top performing grammar schools, schools in deprived areas, schools in leafy suburbia and inner city schools as well as faith schools (Christian and Muslim).

Inspirational Talks

The following is a selection of talks which have been particularly well received.

“Cool to be a loser.”

Almost every teacher can think of a handful of students who can’t stand school, who would rather not be there at all and who are disruptive in class. They are a nuisance to teachers, to students who are keen to learn; they are the least likely to achieve target grades and to jeopardise your chances of hitting your Ofsted “C or above” targets.

The message from this talk is simple. School is the only place on earth where it’s cool to be a loser. In the world outside, losers can expect to be treated like dirt! This talk is hard hitting, but light hearted enough to include a bit of lavatorial humour (bear in mind the type of student we’re targeting here)

It’s Your Scars That Make You a Hero

“Resilience” has become something of a buzz word. Life can be tough sometimes but it’s also life’s challenges that develop character and character is what shapes your destiny. In this talk, Barry shares stories from his own experience which illustrate this point.

The Elite are People of Class.

We’re not talking about social class, social status. Let’s not confuse elitism with snobbery. This talk takes examples from the world of sport, stories you won’t have heard before to illustrate what it really means to be a person of class.

Leadership For Staff

bookThere are ways of holding a team together even in the must trying circumstances and, right now, the lives of teachers are among the most trying of all. Barry is the author of a book:

Feedback From The Business World

I feel very blessed to have you in my life. I love working with people who are passionate about what they do and feel on a mission to make a difference. The world needs more people like you.

- Terry Malloy

Barry’s talk was really interesting and brought things very much to life as he alluded to many behaviours we all carry out when handling a sales environment. Kept us captivated in anticipation.

- Tracy Davies, Sterling Integrity

Barry’s experience has taught him that his leadership strategies work equally well with

  • Corporate sales teams,
  • The Samaritan leadership team
  • Children as young as 10.

Barry’s leadership principles have delivered the following on all the above examples:

  1. The two rules of leadership that cannot fail…(as long as the team are committed to following them)
  2. The 3 qualities that enable individuals and teams to measure up to any challenge.


Barry will never talk at your audience. Barry will never bore the pants off them with another tedious power point. Barry’s philosophy is simple, “If you can’t engage your audience without power point, you shouldn’t be at the front in the first place.” Barry’s sessions are always interactive. Does he use visual aids? Sometimes, but they’re more likely to include a set of dice and a five pound note (always given away to a student) or a selection of medieval weaponry! (Which he collects) Great attention getters these.

Testimonials From Teachers and Students

It has always been a great pleasure to work with you. We’ve had some really good times, and fun, with our students over the years.

Eileen Stead, Business Manager, King Charles 1st School, Kidderminster

This talk wasn’t just someone telling us to do something. Barry showed the effectiveness and reasoning behind the way he treats people…and from his own personal experience.

Frederick Pearce, Student at St.Brendan’s 6th Form College, Bristol

I loved the way Barry used anecdotes and humour but still managed to get a serious message across.

Charlotte Atkins, Student at St.Brendan’s 6th Form College, Bristol

Thanks for delivering such a great presentation to our students.

Val Benton, CIEAG, Commonweal School, Swindon

Our students have described you as a legend

Jane Tozer, Prince Henry’s High School, Evesham

We now have 15 confirmed offers for Oxbridge, our highest ever.

Terry Law, King Edward 6th Grammar School, Birmingham

An absolute pleasure working with you. The course we developed together is absolutely superb.

Stuart Langworthy, Millbrook Academy

Our students are already asking when the next session will be.

James Slattery, Chipping Campden School

My colleagues have told me that your teaching was the best we’ve ever had on any subject.

Kevin Clancy, Balcarras School, Cheltenham

Our students said you were the highlight of their day.

John Lewis, St.Edward’s School, Cheltenham

I felt I could have talked to Barry all day.

Year 11 student, Churchdown School.(Mock interview feedback)

Barry offered some incredible opportunities to establish connections in industry and with employers ready for when we leave university.

George Erskine and Sarah Cheeseman, Head Boy/Head Girl, Nailsea School, Bristol

One of our year elevens, H, asked me to pass on her thanks for the training. She wanted you to know how much she enjoyed it and how helpful she felt it was going to be when going for interviews and applying for colleges. It’s good to see that our students are already working out how to use these new skills. That’s great.

Annette Watts, Careers, Nailsea School

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