The girl working at the supermarket check out was telling me she had a 2:1 degree and this was the best job she could get. She was upset, close to tears with frustration as she shared this with me.

Then I asked myself, “If I were her Mum or her Dad, how would I be feeling?” I’m thinking back to the degree ceremony. I remember sitting in the audience watching her go across the stage with her certificate. I remember how proud I felt. I nudge the person next to me and I whisper, “That’s my girl.” How do I feel now? How do I feel when my friends ask, “Has Charlotte got a job yet? A proper job?” Embarrassed, bewildered, desperate to help but not sure how I can. Asking myself questions like, “How did it come to this? How’s she going to get on the housing ladder? How’s she ever going to afford to settle down and start a family? What if she ends up living with us ’til she’s 35?”

She worked so hard didn’t she? She doesn’t deserve this. I want so much to help but what can I do?

Fortunately, it’s never too late; but the Aspire Academy program has been designed with the aim of making sure that your daughter, your son, doesn’t end up in this mess in the first place!

If you’ve read the HOME page, you’ll understand how it is that so many youngsters do end up like the girl on the supermarket till.

Jonquil Brooks, Parent and Project ConsultantSouth West Apprenticeship Company
“The advice that Barry has provided has proved to be very helpful in securing a new post for my son. He acted on the many useful tips Barry gives to make yourself memorable at an interview.”

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Sean JonesParent and Business Owner
“Great ideas, Barry. I got my eldest daughter to read your newsletter. She’s 13 and taking her options in September. She said she hadn’t ever thought of things like that.”

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Vanessa Aris M.B.E, Career Teacher for 25 YearsDean Close Private School, Cheltenham
"As a teacher, you may be thinking to yourself, “We do this already.” You may be thinking to yourself, “We don’t have a budget for this,” or, “I can get a local business person to do this for nothing.” Probably you can; but before you dismiss the idea of picking up the phone, consider what teachers say who have booked Aspire Academy training.There ought to be a copy of this program in every home where there are teenagers."

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