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First Job

The latest program from Aspire Academy

There is a HUGE disconnect between what employers say they’re looking for in job candidates and what the education system is producing.

  • Newly qualified graduates are still ending up in jobs which do not require a degree. Sometimes they end up in menial, low paid jobs they were qualified to do if they’d left school after G.C.S.E.s.
  • Highly talented young people continue to embarrass themselves at job interviews.
  • Highly talented young people still create C.V.s that have no chance of getting them in front of interviewers.

The information included in the “First Job” program is the result of seeking the guidance of corporate executives, mock interviewing over 3,000 students in schools from Bristol to Birmingham, Swindon to Hereford and everywhere in between…as well as running workshops in school classrooms.

Young people advised me the program they would find most engaging be short and snappy, and the presenters themselves are teens. “Give us the content,  and let us turn it into teen speak.” That was the message. So that’s what I did.

Here are a couple of clips to give you a flavour of the program:

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